474. Kitty Pryde

Hey Eric, didn’t you just draw Kitty Pryde as part of your massive and exhaustive/exhausting Free Comic Book Day sketch giveaway? Sure did, thanks for asking. But if you recall, I hated that sketch and I feel bad for the young woman who requested it, because I feel like she got the worst drawing from me that day (other than the Halo requests, but, seriously, I don’t care about those. I do care about Kitty Pryde, though). So, after a week of rest, Kitty Pryde Redux was the very first thing I drew. I think said girl now follows me on Instagram, but just in case she sees this, hey, this is yours now. Contact me and I’ll figure out how to get this to you. Because, seriously, this one is so much better. She’s wearing a recognizable costume (to me) and has a personality and vibrance the previous one didn’t.