24. Loki

Fuck America. Fuck this garbage, fascist, third world country.

Listen, the 15-20% of me that wavers from hetero can totally recognize that Tom Hiddleston is absolutely sexy.

I. Get. It.

I love him in the movies, and the Loki show was fantastic.

But, I cannot reconcile smokeshow movie Loki to comic Loki. Loki in the comics is and always will be an ugly middle-aged male-presenting evil villain to me. Marvel can do whatever they want, but when I see smexy Loki, it just doesn’t register in my brain. It’s like a Lovecraftian thing. I can’t comprehend this vision, so I either see what I want or I lose myself to madness.

I tried with this. I really did. But the Kirby/Simonson/Buscema Loki just kept rearing up. I just kept wanting to erase the beautiful locks and cover it up with the full head-shroud & helmet with fake ponytail. And I could not make his face any less evil.

I get wanting to portray villains in a more sympathetic light, but far too many go too far and just become anti-heroes trying for a redemption arc. We need more just outright villains in comics, and to me, Loki is one of those guys.

Look, Loki can fuck whoever or whatever he wants, and he can shapeshift and change into whatever sex or thing he needs or wants to in order to accomplish those goals. But, his ultimate goal should be to screw over Thor and take over Asgard and possibly Earth in the most villainous way possible. And do it in green and gold scale-mail spandex.

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