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19. Captain Marvel

19. Captain Marvel

Carol. Everyone knows Carol. ***I’m still here. ***My Art Store My Patreon Page Commission Info

501. Captain Marvel

501. Captain Marvel

I’ll be at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19, TABLE AA-2117. This cover & others, prints, sketchbooks, sketches, comics, original art – all for sale at the show.

461d. Captain Marvel

I’m drawing free sketches for Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 7th at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS, 10a-2p.

406. Captain Marvel

Listen, I like Carol Danvers. I like that she has taken the name of Captain Marvel. But the DC Captain Marvel will never be anything but Captain Marvel to me. They can share. Because, otherwise, won’t someone think of the kids? By kids, I mean Freddie Freeman and Mary Batson. What are they now, Shazam …

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301. Ms. Marvel

The original Ms. Marvel says “Happy Thankgsiving”. Or whatever.

121. Captain Marvel

I’m really liking this character a lot. I bought the first two trades of her new series and it’s delightful. Because of this, I also bought Kelly Sue DeConnick’s issues of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. It’s definitely one of the best superhero team comics I’ve read in the last decade. Short arcs, it’s fun, funny and still …

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72. Captain Marvel

I’ve always been a Carol Danvers fan, and I dig the new costume. Plus, everyone else with a pen and markers is doing this, so why not me?

222 – Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers in her Warbird/Ms. Marvel costume. I had pretty much forgotten she existed until she appeared in Kurt Busiek’s Avengers, and then I had no idea why her head wasn’t on fire anymore. Oh well, whatever. Comics.

221 – Binary

Carol Danvers’ second incarnation (see yesterday’s post), after Rogue wiped her mind and powers, designed by the late, great Dave Cockrum. That guy was the king of sleek modern superhero costume design, and there’s never been anyone that’s come close. Too bad he is gone, and particularly too bad when DC needed him the most.

220 – Original Ms. Marvel