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It’s been awhile since I updated my “official” self-portrait. I’ve since lost a lot of weight, and my hair.

Ok, PANIC! 2021

Back in early 2010, I took part in a bi-weekly curated art group called Ok, PANIC! I stuck with it through about mid-2013. It closed up shop in mid-2015. It has been unavailable on the internet for quite a while, but you can take a look at chunks of it via Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. …

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1000. Self-Loathing Narcissist

I’m a self-loathing narcissist. I hate myself, I think everything I do is awful, and a waste of everyone’s time. Over and over again, I am proven to be correct in this assessment. For the last month, I have been trying to sell my merchandise over my store with all proceeds intended to go to …

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609. Inktober Self-Portrait

It’s Inktober! I draw and post something everyday, so it’s not a big deal! But this year, I’ll make it a big deal. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting 4 themed weeks worth of Artist Trading Cards, all of which will be available for sale, individually or as a theme set. Join me for this journey!

044 – Self Portrait

From me in the future. On a post-it note with a ball-point pen.

Ok, PANIC!: Richie Rich

The first Ok, PANIC!. I stole this joke from The Simpsons. Done entirely in Adobe Illustrator.


2021 Update: Ok, PANIC! is long dead, my contributions to it long before that. It was a stupid experiment that I tolerated a lot longer than I should have. No offense to the other artists who contributed. The ones I was directly involved with anyway. I have re-homed my Ok, PANIC! artwork elsewhere on the …

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In Brightest Day, In Blackest… oooh Pizza!

Self portrait of the artist as a Green Lantern. Fuck you Hal Jordan.