2021 Update: Ok, PANIC! is long dead, my contributions to it long before that. It was a stupid experiment that I tolerated a lot longer than I should have. No offense to the other artists who contributed. The ones I was directly involved with anyway. I have re-homed my Ok, PANIC! artwork elsewhere on the blog.

Look for the Ok PANIC! Category and Ok PANIC! Tag.

I draw myself a lot for someone who generally dislikes autobiographical comics and cartoons. But there is a purpose for this version of my self-portrait. A guy decided to form a conglomerate of his favorite local artists, give us a theme and let us run with it, and present a gallery of our work. This self portrait was for my bio page on Ok, PANIC!

Ok, PANIC! was myself, my podcast co-host and fellow artist, Jason Young, our pals Pat Kain, Jeff Potter, and eventually Kurt Dinse.

Every two weeks, we were given (or would create) a topic, and then draw our takes in our own distinct styles. Every week was not a competition, but it was always a competition.

I’m still here.
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    • Jason Young on March 29, 2010 at 4:37 pm

    This is SO awesome.
    I know you just said you’re not really a fan of auto bio (except for mine obviously. OBVIOUSLY.) but I think your next project should be a fictional series of Kingpin-ish adventures starring yourself. You’d make a great crimelord. You know, in the funny books at least.

  1. Your autobio comics are the exception to the rule.

  2. I second the nomination for The Adventures of Eric Shonborn: Kingpin Green-Lantern 😀
    Your artwork is so good these days Erik. Can’t wait to follow more of your stuff on OK PANIC

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