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Ok, PANIC! 2021

Back in early 2010, I took part in a bi-weekly curated art group called Ok, PANIC! I stuck with it through about mid-2013. It closed up shop in mid-2015. It has been unavailable on the internet for quite a while, but you can take a look at chunks of it via Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. …

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516. Meat Grinder

So. This. I never posted this anywhere publicly, but it’s quite a few years old. The only way you’ve seen it without being a friend of mine is if you purchased a copy (or supported the Kickstarter) of Pat Kain’s SOAKED MOIST. He asked a bunch of folks to draw the filthiest, dirtiest, nastiest thing …

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040 – Wheeler of Oz

Ok, PANIC!: Garfield

This is a shitty joke at the expense of my friend Pat Kain. I know some people got it. Believe it or not, I sold the lineart for this.

004 – Blue Beetle

So yeah. Expect to see this guy pop up a few more times. Anyhoo, completely unknown to me at the time I started doing this, my friend and colleague Pat Kain had already been doing this for almost two weeks! I’m sad to admit that I had no idea he was doing a daily drawing …

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2021 Update: Ok, PANIC! is long dead, my contributions to it long before that. It was a stupid experiment that I tolerated a lot longer than I should have. No offense to the other artists who contributed. The ones I was directly involved with anyway. I have re-homed my Ok, PANIC! artwork elsewhere on the …

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