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This character was requested by Jason Young. Jason asked if I was going to draw his weapon. I said no. So Jason drew his right arm and the weapon. It’s a collaboration. A Collabo-Jason!

439. Veggie Dog Saturn

I decided to draw the lead character from the comic series Veggie Dog Saturn as an old man for no particular reason.


B-b-b-bonus-s-s-s-s-s sketch! My soon to be retired pal Jason drew this for me upon request.

Power Man & Iron Fist

Jam piece with my pal Jason.

Blue Beetle

My friend Jason drew this piece, maybe at my request? Then I colored it.

Ok, PANIC!: Underground Comics

The most underground comics I could think of were Kurt Dinse’s One Year in Indiana and Jason Young’s Veggie Dog Saturn.

Fantastic Four No. 9, Page 16

I drew this for one of my closest friends, Jason Young, who put together an entire collection of eclectic artists to re-create the entire issue Fantastic Four No. 9. Check out all the amazing artwork on display, and maybe look at this page too.