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Eric/Emmy Collabo, Part 2

This time around, I drew a Spider-Man for Emmy – her favorite character – and then she colored it. Here is also a photo of her holding her work. Yes, that is actually what she looks like. We don’t talk about it.

Emmy/Eric Collabo, Part 1

My 2.5 year old bestie, Emmy – daughter of 45 year old bestie Jason – and I collaborated on a project last Thursday. She drew the red scribbles, I did the black inks. She also ran around a lot and threw herself into many objects and frequently declared that she had farted and that she …

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747. The World Was Wide Enough

So. My friend Joe G.’s birthday was yesterday. I coerced our friend Jason Young into a quick collabo to give to Joe as a birthday gift. Joe and his wife are big fans of the musical Hamilton, and Jason and I thought it’d be an interesting experiment to draw something other than The Flash, Kid …

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Power Man & Iron Fist

Jam piece with my pal Jason.