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168a. Conrad

Today’s bonus is not a Batman villain (although it’d be awesome if it were!). I’m headed out to SPACE today with my pals Joe G. and Juliet. It’s a yearly Small Press and Comic Expo in Columbus, OH. I’ve been frequently, usually setting up a table with my pal Jason Young (who will be there …

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Greasy Metalhead

Kurt Dinse, writer/artist of One Year in Indiana commissioned me to draw a greasy metalhead. Not only was I more than happy to oblige, I was honored. Having Kurt ask you to draw a greasy metalhead is just about on par with Frank Frazetta commissioning a painting from someone else of a violent, gnarly, viking …

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285 – Conrad Lant

Spent the day at Horrorhound Cincinnati with Kurt Dinse, whose cartoon avatar is Conrad Lant, star of Kurt’s comic One Year in Indiana. Conrad is the world’s smartest death metal vocalist who is stranded in Indiana when his band stops touring. It is loosely based on Kurt’s own experiences, and one of the best comics …

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023 – Lockjaw

Fulfilling a request from Kurt Dinse, he had asked for Lockjaw, the teleporting dog from Marvel Comics’ The Inhumans. I think Kurt was deliberately trying to make me struggle. If there’s one thing I struggle with more than anatomy, backgrounds, coloring, details, likenesses, proportion, perspective, consistency, inking, penciling, the female form, faces, eyes, hands, feet, …

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Ok, PANIC!: Underground Comics

The most underground comics I could think of were Kurt Dinse’s One Year in Indiana and Jason Young’s Veggie Dog Saturn.