316 – Dick Grayson: Owlman

Joe Grunenwald Week, Part 2! Back in Batman #107, Dick Grayson (Robin) was exposed to some chemical that caused him to grow into adulthood. Batman – who has no problem whatsoever with placing a 10 year old child in incredible, life-threatening danger every night in the brightest colors possible – refuses to allow the now full grown Robin to patrol and fight crime with him. In order prove to Batman that he can handle himself (which, again, as a 10 year old, he did everyday), Dick dons a new identity as Owlman! With creepier bare legs! And a worse color scheme! Dick!

Dad Update: After a worrisome morning in which it seemed like he wasn’t going to get to go home, he was released from the hospital at around 11am. I picked him up and took him home, and he was kinda griping the entire time. I dropped him off at home and went to pick up some lunch for him (Burger King – his choice) and talked to my Mom, who confirmed that he was being pretty stubborn at the hospital, and she threatened to leave him there if he didn’t stop being a dick. So basically, he’s doing really well.

I’m still here.
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