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323 – Miracleman

I know that he’s actually called “Marvelman”, but as long as I have been reading comics, to me, he’s always been Miracleman. Until Marvel finally gets their shit together and starts reprinting the classic Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman runs, it will continue to be Miracleman. That said, c’mon Marvel, what the fuck are you …

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322 – The Wonder Twins

So as I was drawing The Wonder Twins, I began to wonder something: Did John Byrne rip them off to create Aurora and Northstar from Alpha Flight? Both sets are twins who powers only “activate” when they touch hands; both are from strange lands (alien planet & Quebec); both males are homosexual; both have pointy …

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321 – Vixen

Joe Grunenwald and I host a podcast called League Night, in which we are in the process of watching the Justice League animated series. In the most recent episode we recorded – which will be available for download in about a month or so – we had a lengthy discussion about Vixen. Vixen was a …

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320 – Citizen Steel

The only version of this character that I am familiar with is Citizen Steel, the grandson of Commander Steel and cousin of the Justice League Detroit member Steel. He’s also an Ohioan, and while he was a member of The Justice Society of America when I was reading the book, he is probably more famous …

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319 – Gypsy

I know absolutely nothing of this character other than she appeared in some vaguely remembered issues of Justice League International as part of Booster Gold’s commercially sponsored superhero team, and that she appeared briefly in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, phasing through a wall. But she’s famously part of Justice League Detroit, and Joe …

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318 – Vibe

Joe G. Week, Part 4: The Voyage Home. Vibe was a breakdancing latino gang member who joined the Justice League when they moved to Detroit. Because every superteam needs a bad, extremely dated racist stereotype. Also, Alfonso Ribeiro ruined the world back in the 80s. Vibe has an even more ridiculous costume than this, but …

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317 – Dick Grayson: Earth 2 Robin

Joe G. Week, Part 3: The Continuing! The adult Robin of Earth 2 has two different costumes that I’ve seen, one is just sort of a modified version of the regular Robin costume with long pants and slightly worse arrangements of the colors. Then there’s this one, which I think is awesome and hilarious.

316 – Dick Grayson: Owlman

Joe Grunenwald Week, Part 2! Back in Batman #107, Dick Grayson (Robin) was exposed to some chemical that caused him to grow into adulthood. Batman – who has no problem whatsoever with placing a 10 year old child in incredible, life-threatening danger every night in the brightest colors possible – refuses to allow the now …

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315 – Kite Man

So, this begins Joe Grunenwald Week(s?)! Joe has made a ton of requests, and as the year-long experiment comes to a close, I aim to fulfill those requests. So for the next 7-10 days, expect nothing but Joe-centric art to pave the way for him to make more requests when I am done with the …

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284 – Darkhawk

Another non-DC request for Joe G., another character who I am mostly unfamiliar with, having only read a few issues that guest-starred bigger characters.