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Captain Cold

This Christmas sketch went out to my old friend Alec Ross, whom I much prefer over my old enemy Alex Ross. Anyway, I love a Flash rogue and I don’t draw them nearly enough.

2. Pied Piper

Not the best sketch. Anyhoo, back in 1991, I had a friend… it was either James or Preston. I’m leaning toward Preston. We were talking about the brand new TV sensation called The Flash. You’ve heard of it. Lasted 14 seasons. John Wesley Shipp became the biggest star in America. Anyway, James/Preston was schooling me …

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85. Captain Boomerang

69. Captain Cold

311. Abra Kadabra

…and thus ends Flash Rogues Week.

310. Mr. Element

309. The Trickster

So I’ve been trying to keep this a secret, but I should just go ahead and announce that we are in the middle of “Flash Rogues Week” in honor of The Flash returning to television this week… Nah, I’ve been doing it because I know my friend Joe G. would get a kick out of …

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308. Pied Piper

The only Pied Piper Flash comic I ever read was the one where as a reformed villain and friend of Wally West (the one true Flash), he came out of the closet. Nowadays, that’d be a six-part epic crossover instead of one page of an otherwise unmemorable comic (literally, it is the only thing I …

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307. Weather Wizard

Part of the reason for the sketch-a-day blog is to help me focus on making more art – and if possible, figuring out a way to start making money off of that (as always, commissions are always available). Part of that is because I know that if I’m not working on something, I’m constantly watching …

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306. Captain Boomerang