Red Bee vs. Two-Face

In 2016, most likely during an episode of The View Masters, I mentioned to Joe Grunenwald that I could draw Two-Face and any golden age superheroes all day and be content. Within days, I had a script. Within days of that, I had made some changes and drawn the 1st page!

Then, nothing.

I sat on this thing so long, Joe and his wife moved to Seattle for 5 years, and have now moved back to Ohio.

Over on my Patreon page, I had been slowly working on a comic project and posting my (again, slow) progress. I had completed roughly 5 full pages as if 2021. I had let that fall to the wayside for a bit, and was looking to focus on it a bit more strongly in 2022.

Then I discovered that I had lost the entire project. Toward the end of last year, I had been doing some file reorganization and cleanup. During that process, I must have accidentally deleted it. Everything. Gone. Irretrievable.


After a bit of fretting and wailing, I decided to work on something new. But that is when I discovered a folder named RBvTF01. I opened it up to discover this six year old dumb comic that Joe had written and I started. I decided that I will finish it.

Page 1 drawn in 2016. Page 2 drawn in 2022. I can definitely feel the differences. Page 1 had been drawn when I was JUST learning how to use ClipStudio (then called MangaStudio) and trying to impose a “this is how I draw on paper” method into the work. Page 2 is me still not knowing how to use ClipStudio properly, but also not giving a damn about consistency or quality. Page 2 also leans closer to how I want to draw (but still can’t figure it out, and still drawing in a way I dislike, like barnacles in my brain).

As for the lettering… well. I hope you can read it fine. Joe wrote a fun script, and I ruined that too, by removing a panel of Two-Face wildly firing guns at bees.

And for the record, yes, I posted this on 2/22/22 at 2:22am.

Thank you.

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