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Justice League of America #8

I don’t remember when I drew this. My pal Jason and I had challenged each other, some time ago, to recreate a comic cover that we had never seen. I picked one for him and described it to him via email, and he picked this one. During my move, I found this abandoned art. I …

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91. Tempest

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1420. Aquaman

The Aquaman movie comes out today. I have a minimal interest in Aquaman the Movie, but I have a maximum interest in Aquaman everything else. so I drew the short-lived Water-Cammo Aquaman from the mid-80s. I can tell why it didn’t last too long. Anyway, my Aquaman rides seahorsies and doesn’t have shitty tattoos. ***I’m …

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1052. Black Manta

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852. Aquaman

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686a. Aquaman

So hey, one week left to get yourself a Christmas commission! But all the weeks left to get a regular commission! Prices remain the same either way. Sorry. This is a Christmas commission, Aquaman (Brave & The Bold edition) vs. Bat-Mite. It was brought up that Aquaman doesn’t have his own version of Bat-Mite, but …

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545. Justice League of America

Click to embiggen. I was at my friend Jason’s house and had brought along this Justice League sketch cover to work on. My initial idea was to recreate an old JLA cover. Jason had recently bought a book called Fucked Up & Photocopied, a collection of old punk rock fliers and posters, many of them …

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264. DC Kids

I drew this about 5 or so years ago. Sold it to a friend. I had started coloring it (evidenced by lil GL’s plane). Listen, I’m a trendsetter. Skottie Young hadn’t been doing countless kid variant covers, and Yale Stewart’s cock hadn’t been making money from bootleg fanfic. Click to embiggen.

245. Aquaman

After drawing tiny Aquaman last weekend, I wanted to draw hook-hand 90s Aquaman.  I kinda love Aquaman. Never really read too many of his comics, though. The Rick Vietch, Will Pfiefer, and John Arcudi runs. A little bit of the weird Sword and Sandals version. Pretty much it. It seems like DC fights so hard …

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238. Aquaman

Happy Batman Day!