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Adam West

Adam West passed away yesterday (June 9th, 2017). I feel like I should write something… more. Those who know me know what the 60s Batman TV show meant and continues to mean to me. Despite my awkward teen years of disowning that show, as a child and an adult, I love it with all my …

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587. Max Headroom

Been watching the Max Headroom TV series (the sci-fi ABC series, not the talk shows) lately. They’re super-dated, but also, very prophetic and relevant, especially about the role of media and entertainment in our lives. There was even an episode about media controlled elections, which was a bit frightening. Plus, Amanda Pays in her prime. …

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I am sick, but I am starving and am afraid to eat. Watched the very first episode of the classic Transformers cartoon yesterday. Last year, I watched every episode of G.I. Joe. I hadn’t seen any of this stuff since I was a kid. G.I. Joe holds up pretty well. It’s certainly got its goofy …

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