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The Ever-Living!


Not a Thundercat, but a cool looking semi-regular

Wilykit, Wilykat, & Snarf

A whole bag of obnoxious


The 2nd sexiest Thundercat. I’ll let you guess who #1 is. #AlwaysWally


Not as sexy as Marvel’s Tigra, but up there.


The coolest Thundercat.


In celebration of the new comic series coming out, plus the fact that I have been watching the old cartoon to fill the void in my heart, I’m doing a Thundercats week.

Mignola’s Thundercats

Mike Mignola went crazy during the pandemic and just started posting insane pencils. I (and many others) made attempts to ink his works. Here’s his Thundercats, ruined by me.

476. Mumm-Ra

Ok, PANIC!: Thundercats

The best-left-to-nostalgia ’80s cartoon, The Thundercats.