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Giant Robot Grim Reaper

Another Mignola ink exercise.

Mignola’s Thundercats

Mike Mignola went crazy during the pandemic and just started posting insane pencils. I (and many others) made attempts to ink his works. Here’s his Thundercats, ruined by me.


817. Hellboy

Me. MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY: May 6th, 2017. Free Sketch Cards. Getchu sum.

342. Hellboy

Ok, PANIC!: Hellboy & The BPRD

333 – Abe Sapien

Next to Roger the Homonculus, Abe is probably my favorite Hellboy supporting character. I really need to catch up on all things Hellboy and BPRD related.

Work Doodles

More work doodles. Gel pens are fun.

Hell, boy

I keep forgetting to try and update this badboy. I was sorta lacking a good piece to pop up here. I mean, I have hundreds of drawings stocked away, I just don’t like any of ’em. The images I wanted to post up here, well, I’m not ready yet. They’re not ready yet. Soonish. But …

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