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1393. Batman

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Adam West

Adam West passed away yesterday (June 9th, 2017). I feel like I should write something… more. Those who know me know what the 60s Batman TV show meant and continues to mean to me. Despite my awkward teen years of disowning that show, as a child and an adult, I love it with all my …

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555. G.I. Joe

My tribute/parody of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #21, the infamous silent issue, original cover drawn by Larry Hama and Klaus Janson. This is, of course, available for sale along with all my other sketch covers (except one) at my store.

553. Joker

So, the Joker makes a return to cinemas this week in a movie you couldn’t pay me to watch. Well, actually you probably could. But grudgingly. So I’m paying tribute to his first and best cinematic portrayal. I know you couldn’t figure it out, what with the mask and all, but trust me, I drew …

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512. Joker

Click to embiggen. Hey, what if I drew the Ceasar Romero version of the Joker? Well, sir, it would look like ass.

504. Batman ’66

Click to embiggen. I’m at HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19, TABLE AA-2117! Sketch covers, prints, sketchbooks, sketches, comics, original art – all for sale right now! I drew this on Day One for a con-goer. My only sale. So far Day Two is an improvement, but hoping it’s a bigger improvement as …

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200a. Batgirl

RIP Yvonne Craig.

528. The Riddler

I watched Batman (1966) yesterday. Twice. It is a delightful movie and I love it. I particularly think Frank Gorshin as the Riddler is fantastically perfect. So, I was inspired.