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Really trying to make “Pork Fist” a thing, again.

133. Thwippidy Dippidy

Seriously guys, I am better at Spider-Man than anyone. And I am also disappointed in all of your for your lack of support of “Pork Fist”, with the exception of Jason Young who greeted my phone call to him with a rousing “Pork Fist!”. He’s good people, no matter what I’ve said in the past …

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132. A Truly Superior Spider-Man

Once again, I prove that only I know how to create a truly Superior Spider-Man. This time: catch-phrases. Next time you’re in a fight or need some sort of rallying cry or pep cheer, I dare you to not utter the phrase – as loudly and proudly as possible – “Pork Fist!” “Fuck Your Thimble” …

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