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Booster Gold

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Blue & Gold

I love Mike Wieringo. I love Blue Beetle. I love Booster Gold. Imagine my absolute joy when I found this amazing sketch online (below). Then I decided to ruin it by “inking” and coloring it. Then it made me sad, because now all I want in the world is a Wieringo Blue & Gold series. …

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1139. Booster Gold

Beware the Ides of March, they bring you another JB Sapienza request. So while this costume design looks as awful as NFL SuperPro, the main difference is that underneath, Booster Gold is a great character. This is merely the result of having a giant pile of turds dumped on him called “90s comics”. This monstrosity …

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401. Booster Gold

Haven’t drawn a lot of Booster on the blog despite being right up there with Blue Beetle as a favorite character. ‘course the reason he is up there is due to the Blue & Gold friendship being awesome. Also, DC’s insistence as portraying Booster as a goofy fuck-up or grim serious time traveller with no …

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264. DC Kids

I drew this about 5 or so years ago. Sold it to a friend. I had started coloring it (evidenced by lil GL’s plane). Listen, I’m a trendsetter. Skottie Young hadn’t been doing countless kid variant covers, and Yale Stewart’s cock hadn’t been making money from bootleg fanfic.

019 – Booster Gold

Loves me some Booster. My comic shipment comes in this week and includes the Blue Beetle Showcase trade, reprinting the entire 80s series in one black & white phonebook edition. It will go right next to the Booster Gold Showcase, where it belongs.

633. The Blues Brothers

Suggested by Justin Wasson. Blue Beetle as Jake Blues and Booster Gold as Elwood Blues. More like the Blues & Golds Brothers, amirite?

368 – One Punch

So, this is one of the more complicated requests I got over the course of the year. I had actually attempted to do this one many times throughout the months, and always failed or got caught up in something else. A few weeks ago when I decided to expand the Daily Sketches by four days …

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233 – Firestorm Portrait

Starting September 20th and running until October 31st, 3/4ths of Ok, PANIC! will have their art on display and for sale at Christopher’s Restaurant in Kettering, Ohio. Jason Young, Jeff Potter and I have each done five portraits of various superheroes. I will be posting mine here on the blog, but please, if you live …

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Hawkgirl (30)

I’m old today. This is definitely not where I saw myself at the age of 30. 2008 has been a definite shit year for me, mostly of my own design. The comic thing is still a definite goal for me, but I work slowly. I want my projects to mean something personally to me. I …

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