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401. Booster Gold

Haven’t drawn a lot of Booster on the blog despite being right up there with Blue Beetle as a favorite character. ‘course the reason he is up there is due to the Blue & Gold friendship being awesome. Also, DC’s insistence as portraying Booster as a goofy fuck-up or grim serious time traveller with no …

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536. Dynomutt, the Dog Wonder and Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon was a request from my friend Jason Young. I finished the drawing and then knew that I couldn’t leave it alone. I needed to add B.F’s best friend, Dynomutt, the Dog Wonder! I used to watch and love this cartoon as a kid (oh, USA Cartoon Express, I miss you most of all). …

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More white on black violence sketching. Last night, on the word of one Joseph G. Runenwald, I watched a fillim called Perfect Sense – which is a terrible title. It stars the ever lovely Eva Green and even lovelier Ewan McGregor (who I feel deserves better in this world. The Star Wars prequels were a …

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