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9. Man-Bat

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Now we’re on to the star of Hughes Week. My 10-year old best friend, Crichton. It’s funny – Crichton is into a ton of cartoons, shows, books, movies that I am totally unaware of, and yet when asked for sketch requests, he chose all Batman villains, while his parents – my peers – chose characters …

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184a. Man-Bat

Watched JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS the other day. It’s okay. Did the world need yet another grim and gritty version of the DC Universe? It ends oddly on a positive note, but the prior 70 minutes is bloodshed and darkness. Why bring this up? Because the version of Batman in the movie is a …

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630. Slash

Suggested by Ryan Merrell – I think? Man-Bat as Slash.