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Dr. Strangefate

Wanted to draw some Amalgams. So far, just this one. Maybe more later? HEY! If you’re Dayton, Ohio adjacent, I will be doing free sketches at Mavericks Cards and Comics for Free Comic Book Day from 10am-12pm. Watch me be sleepy! NO LIKENESSES!

4. America

Don’t know much about her, but I read the recent America Chavez: Made in the USA and it’s a “your whole life is a lie!” plot. Which is not great for even the most well-established of characters, and kinda worse for characters barely a decade old. Anyhoo. I like the simplicity of her look, she’s …

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788. Doctor Strange

It had been a while since I uploaded a process video, so, since these cards go by pretty quickly, I decided to go for it with the good Doctor here. Watch the video here! *** Me. MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. Free Sketch Cards. Getchu sum.


So, the other day, comic writer Kurt Busiek wrote some tweets about Dr. Strange. His theory (and a compelling one), is that when Ditko created the character, Strange was originally supposed to be of Asian descent. He was originally drawn with the slanted, thin eyes, and same skin coloring as The Ancient One in the …

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635. Dr. Strange

Topical! In a perfect world, a Dr. Strange movie would have been made in the 60s and he would have been played by Vincent Price. That said, Benvereen Couponbook is a fine actor, and while not my personal choice to play the Doc, I’m sure it’ll be fine (In case you’re interested, Clive Owen woulda …

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148. Dr. Strange

141 – Dr. Strange

Ok, PANIC!: Doctors

My two favorite superhero mystic doctors. Though, I do believe Fate only has an honorary doctorate from a small community college in Alabama.

Hoary Hosts

Another character that holds a strange (no pun intended) appeal to me. I don’t know what it is I like about Dr. Strange, I’ve not read that many of his comics. In fact, I can only think of the Tony Harris mini from the early Marvel Knights days, and the more recent Brian K. Vaughn …

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