520. Drexl Spivey

We wrap up a truly fun Kathleen Coyle Week with Drexl Spivey from the movie True Romance. Drexl is played by Kathleen’s future husband, Gary Oldman. It has been absolute ages since I’ve seen that movie and I honestly don’t remember his role very well. I remember stoner Brad Pitt, Chris Walken and Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer as Elvis, but not Gary Oldman, sadly. I will have to watch this movie again. Maybe even before this actually posts! I know I bitched about likenesses the other day, but while I would never be able to draw Gary Oldman from say… Batman Begins or Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, I could definitely draw him from Hannibal, or this movie. The facial scarring, the dreadlocks, the clothes – he is a recognizable character and it doesn’t truly matter that what I drew looks nothing like Mr. Oldman.

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