1033. Dazzlpearl

My friend Kathleen’s favorite character is Dazzler. Her favorite dog – I assume – is Pearl, which happens to be her dog. Kat wanted me to draw Pearl as a superhero, so this happened because I don’t put much thought into things. Also, both Pearl & Dazzler are blonde.

I know Pearl, personally, though it’s been years since I saw her. She’s very sweet & friendly.

That’s why it torments me so much that Pearl is an abused and terrorized pup.

See, Kat has a cat named Betty. Betty is a horrific monster. He (yes, he) is a spiteful, vicious beast of a cat who brings nothing but terror and mayhem to Kathleen & Pearl’s household.

All I want to do is help Kat & Pearl out. I think, honestly, that they’re just too scared to let me. But if you know Kathleen, if you can reach out, let her know that I am here and that I am willing and ready to take Betty from her and imprison him in my own house, safely away from others that he might harm, or worse.

A monster like Betty should not be allowed to bully sweet, innocents like Kat & Pearl. I am willing to sacrifice my own safety and take him off her hands. For the good of humanity. I am merely just trying to be a good friend and do what anyone else would do in this situation.

“Hero” is a word that is thrown around much too easily, but it is a title I gladly wear in this instance.

I’m still here.
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    • Jason on November 29, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Betty is a beautiful, evil monster for sure. Love the Pearl drawing!

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