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By request. This cat’s name is Binx. For reasons.


By request. And yes, I made the cat Choco. I miss him so much. If there is a God, he is a cruel, unfair, and useless God. Fucking kick me down all you want, you bearded fucking asshole. Why did you take my baby boy from me?


This was another of my Christmas sketches. This went out to my friend Marcia (whom I haven’t seen or talked to in approximately 25 years, but still think of fondly). She asked for a kitty. I went with the cat in which I had the most available reference photos for – mine. Choco. I’m not …

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I have a new shirt design up on my Tee Public store. It’s my cat!


69. Dex-Starr

Seriously, cats are already always thinking about murdering you. Now, give a cat a rage-powered weapon, and you. are. fucked.

1259. Black Metal Cat

This was inspired by a) one of my favorite Twitter accounts, Black Metal Cats and b) an actual cat I met at the shelter. It had the face of murder, but was also super sweet and just wanted to be pet and paid some attention.

1033. Dazzlpearl

My friend Kathleen’s favorite character is Dazzler. Her favorite dog – I assume – is Pearl, which happens to be her dog. Kat wanted me to draw Pearl as a superhero, so this happened because I don’t put much thought into things. Also, both Pearl & Dazzler are blonde. I know Pearl, personally, though it’s …

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