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Happy Cyberest of Mondays


Hey, guess what? Punisher’s a villain. Bad guy. Evil man. Pass it on.


I finished PUNISHER season 2. It was not bad, just disappointing. Jigsaw being the most disappointing aspect of it. Pretty boy Billy Russo was still kinda pretty. In fact, the scars gave him a rugged, handsome quality. Hell, when Frank was beat up, he looked worse than Jigsaw. So I drew a more comic accurate …

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1025. Punisher 2099

Netflix series took a weird twist…


Wasp The Punisher Karnak *** Frank Castle started out weird, ya’ll. *** To reserve a Kirby sketch for a minimum fee of $5.00: Email me, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or leave a reply on my blog. All proceeds will be donated to the Hero Initiative at the end of the month.

844. The Punisher

781. Punisher

457c. Punisher

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428. Punisher

242a. The Punisher

He did technically start as a Spider-Man villain…