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Black Vulcan

Whoopsie. So, I wound up stumbling across an instagram account that makes custom Super Powers figures and backing boards. They usually do Super Powers versions of characters like He-Man or Lion-O, or characters that never got a proper S.P. release. I have seen and enjoyed their works before. BUT. They recently posted a custom Black …

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Dr. Fate

So, weird useless fact about me: I own almost every issue of a published (solo) comic (reprint or otherwise) of Swamp Thing, Dr. Fate, and The Spectre. I am however missing Golden Age appearances of Fate & Spectre, which have been reprinted as DC Archive Editions. Which are also out of print and hard to …

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1408. Brainiac

857. Cyborg

213 – Firestorm

I totally didn’t mean to have to posts in a row with guys with their heads on fire. Firestorm was the first non A-List character I ever really glommed onto. I loved him on Superpowers, and it was one of the first comic character action figure I ever had that wasn’t Superman, Batman, Spider-Man or …

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