Dr. Fate

So, weird useless fact about me: I own almost every issue of a published (solo) comic (reprint or otherwise) of Swamp Thing, Dr. Fate, and The Spectre. I am however missing Golden Age appearances of Fate & Spectre, which have been reprinted as DC Archive Editions. Which are also out of print and hard to find. I recently stumbled across a cheap copy of the GA Fate Archive, so I snatched it up. Which inspired me to draw this.

Another weird useless fact. When I was like 6 or 7, during the height of the Super Powers action figures, my folks took me to this weird event that we used to have in Dayton: The Super Sale at the Hara Arena. I have a vague notion that my dad sort of worked for the Hara Arena people at the time. Anyhoo, it was basically just like a flea market in this huge venue with random vendors. Someone was selling Super Powers figures. I saw the Dr. Fate toy. He looked cool. They had a little bio of the character on the back, and it revealed his secret identity of Kent Nelson. My brother’s name is Kent! I’d never met or seen or heard of another Kent before. So I had my mom buy it for me.

Been a Dr. Fate fan ever since.

Still haven’t seen Black Adam.

(The only other Super Powers toy I ever owned was Firestorm).

I’m still here.
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