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251. Fourth Doctor

My second favorite of the Doctor drawings. I think I’ve seen a handful of 4th Doctor episodes, mostly as a kid on PBS, but I never got into them. As an adult, well, I still couldn’t get into them.

Fourth Doctor

The Fourth Doctor here was was drawn as a Christmas gift. I had asked Bambi what she wanted for Christmas, and she told me “draw something for my mom”. Insert Admiral Ackbar “It’s a Trap!” gif here (incidentally, Admiral Ackbar was one of only four Star Wars figures I ever owned as a kid [the …

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327. Fourth Doctor

It’s Christmas Eve, and a tradition for geeks is the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which airs tomorrow. So, I got The Doctor on my mind, which was super fortunate when muh pal Joseph G. Runenwald asked me to do a sketch on this blank Doctor Who sketch variant cover. He mostly did it because he …

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