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1161. Deadman

As far as I’m concerned, Kelley Jones absolutely owns two characters: Batman and Deadman. While his Batman is my favorite version, I also like & appreciate other versions too. Deadman, however, always looks weird to me drawn in any other style. Everytime I draw him, I go for the Jones version. I recently picked up …

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374. Deadman

265. Deadman

I “get” the original look for Deadman. Boston Brand was a circus acrobat, so it sorta looks like that, crossed with a superhero costume. And a large “D” on his belly. For some reason. So going off that, I tried to base Deadman’s look on some Cirque Du Soliel-type outfits and makeup. Also, I wanted …

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236 – Black Cat Portrait

Part 4 of my contribution to the Christopher’s Restaurant art gallery that is on display from September 20th through October 31st. Jason Young and Jeff Potter, my fellow Ok, PANIC! artists, have each done five portraits of various superheroes, and they are all available for sale. If you live in the Dayton, Ohio area, go …

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150 – Deadman

I don’t know what the flippity-flap is going on with Deadman in the ol’ comical books, but I know he’s got a strong presence in the New DCU, a member of Justice League Delayed and Justice League Dark, plus a solo story as an opening salvo for the New DCU anthology book. But every time …

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