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Green Goblin

Soaring through the skies on Christmas Eve, hurling pumpkin bombs down chimneys. See the process video here.

1170. What, Me Worry?

And so Phil Healy week draws to a close. This was Phil’s last request, a Phil-in for his rejected list. It was also the one where I said to myself “Yes! This one will be awesome, fun, and easy to draw!” But, I had never drawn Alfred E. Neuman before. Motherfucker is deceptively hard to …

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175 – Norman Osborn

I know I recently did a Green Goblin sketch, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to draw his secret identity of Norman Osborn, Marvel Universe psychopath, or his crazy hair. Seriously, any ginger with that hair style should have been locked up from the get-go.

171 – Green Goblin

Normy Osborn’s better half.