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1170. What, Me Worry?

And so Phil Healy week draws to a close. This was Phil’s last request, a Phil-in for his rejected list. It was also the one where I said to myself “Yes! This one will be awesome, fun, and easy to draw!” But, I had never drawn Alfred E. Neuman before. Motherfucker is deceptively hard to …

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1169. Swarm vs. Dr. Epi

1168. Pacman

1167. John Carpenter

Years ago, I saw a series of interviews with John Carpenter – probably all done at around the same time – and he always had a band-aid on his head. It always stuck with me, so whenever I think of John Carpenter, I think of band-aids. And how HALLOWEEN is incredibly overrated.

1166. Spider-Man and Aunt May

I am like 99% sure Phil wanted this to be Spidey making out with Aunt May. I won’t go there.

1165. Elon Musk


It’s Phil Healy Week. I don’t know Phil that well. He’s one of the gents behind MY NAME IS JONAH, a long-time real-life pal of JB Sapienza (of JB Sapienza Week), and the guy I always get confused and think is Brian Collins (Horror Movie-a-Day). Phil had asked about getting a theme week while I …

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