Commission: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth

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Commission. Purchaser just wanted “Wolverine”, no deets.

A thing I like to do in my free time to fight boredom is to re-create logos in Adobe Illustrator. At the time she had asked for this commission, I had literally just finished working on a Wolverine logo, and in my files I had several Marvel Comics logos and trade-dresses.

So, I decided to make the commission a custom cover. I used one of my favorite classic Marvel dresses, complete with corner box and Spider-Man UPC box, taken directly from a standard Marvel Comic circa winter 1982. The trade dress was vector, printed directly on the bristol board.

Both Spider-Man and Wolvie corner box are hand-drawn in ink. Bulk of the cover drawn in ink with white acrylic paint pen to fix mistakes and add highlights/details, and mask a few other things. The blood (because you can’t have Wolverine vs. Sabretooth without blood) was done with a combo of marker and red acrylic paint pen.

Issue number of 616 was chosen because the commission is a Father’s Day gift, which happens to fall on June 16 this year, or 6/16. Happy coincidence that it’s also the Marvel Universe number. Drawn slightly bigger than a standard original art comic cover, at 10″ x 16″ on 11″ x 17″ board.

This commission did not cost $4.99, but was still relatively cheap. Ask for one today!

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