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Patreon Reward: Doom 2099

I knew nothing of the Doom 2099 series or character. Turns out, it’s just regular-class modern day Doctor Doom somehow in the year 2099. Feels like Marvel pulled that trick a few times. Turns out, I like this suit.

Doctor Doom

This final Christmas sketch went out to one of my followers – someone I didn’t know beforehand! They asked how I felt about Doctor Doom. The answer is that I don’t care for his politics, nor his stance on “Richards”. But he is cool looking.

Dr. Doom

Doctor Doom


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I’ve noticed recently a disturbing lack of supervillain art in my blog. Good villains make good comics. This is a trend I need to reverse. I also noticed an imbalance of DC characters vs. Marvel characters. Also a lack of indie characters, but whatever. I like all comics, and I abhor “fans” who are loyal …

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