I’ve noticed recently a disturbing lack of supervillain art in my blog. Good villains make good comics. This is a trend I need to reverse. I also noticed an imbalance of DC characters vs. Marvel characters. Also a lack of indie characters, but whatever. I like all comics, and I abhor “fans” who are loyal to one company and badmouth another simply due to – I dunno – being simple minded idiot asshole fuckshits. I really really hate comic book fans. You know who you are, assfucks.

Anyway, Doom.

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    • Jason Young on April 21, 2010 at 7:53 pm

    Those who fail to recognize the greatness of this artwork shall be DOOMed to repeat it! Hah! Yeah! See that there?
    It’s awesome.

  1. Its not Doom unless he’s got a giant ‘D’ for a Belt-Buckle
    Great as always Eric.

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