If you would have bet me 100 dollars that Telly Savalas was not in the movie Annie, you’d be 100 dollars richer. I swear to Christ I thought he was in that movie. So when our new Ok, PANIC! topic was revealed to be Little Orphan Annie, all I new about the character was Daddy Warbucks – as played by Telly Savalas. In my head. Apparently that isn’t so, and that made this drawing pointless to the topic. So here we go, one of my few attempts at a caricature of a (formerly) living person, in his most famous role (since apparently he never played Daddy Warbucks), Kojak! Who loves you, indeed?

This week on Gutter Trash: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

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  1. Ahahah, holy shit. Jeff’s OK Panic drawing is EPIC.
    Yours is creepy as hell. Question, is that inspired by ‘The Slender Man’ internet meme by any chance?

  2. It is not, I have not heard of that until now. Googling will commence…
    And thank you, I will take creepy as a compliment.

  3. Eric said…
    “Googling will commence…”
    Watch these videos. Then prepare to never sleep again.

    • Jason Young on April 30, 2010 at 10:57 am

    Those are great eyes… man, old guys sucking on lollipops truly give me an unpleasant feeling deep within. Good job!

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