The Golden Bat

I mentioned the other day on Bluesky that I wanted to draw more obscure and old – and most likely non-DC & Marvel superheroes. Now that I’m no longer posting on Instagram, and no longer trying to hound after non-existent views, I wanna draw more weird stuff (though I do still love drawing Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, and Daredevil).

A friend of mine threw out the name of “Golden Bat”. I had no idea what this was, so, to the search engine of choice I went (Duck-duck-go, btw. Google FUCKING SUCKS)!

You don’t get more old than The Golden Bat. Created in Japan in 1930 by Suzuki Ichiro and Takeo Nagamatsu, pre-dating Superman by 8 years. He’s from Atlantis and has super-strength and can fly. He even lives in a fortress (of solitude).

Look him up! I’m not your dad!

Anyway, I did a re-designy thing on him.

I’m still here.
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