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The Clown

Click to embiggen. Todd McFarlane ran a contest this past month on Instagram. It was Spawnuary, and he challenged artists to draw a Spawn or Spawn Family cover for the chance to be used as a future variant for one of his Spawn comics. Everyone else was doing it, and who am I to not …

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My friend Joe bought me this blank. We were discussing that kids love chains. and Batman. So we decided to do dueling Batman/Spawn mash-ups. Although there is one featured in this book. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I really hate these colored blank sketch covers. Anyway, Joe, you’re up.

Spawn Blank Cover

Started this Spawn sketch cover a long time ago. It is available for sale in my shop.

51. Spider-Woman

Spider-Gwen, after Toddy McF.

1292. Spawn

1180a. Spider-Man

I think Venom is the worst Spider-Man villain and overall Marvel character ever. The movie looks turdly. So I drew a bonus McFarlanish Spidey.

1061. Mr. Bones

889. Spawn