003 – Batman

Reading comics in the late 80s and early 90s, especially right around the time of the first Tim Burton Batman film, I would on occasion check out some Batman comics. Usually, they were drawn by either Jim Aparo or Norm Breyfogle. Even though I clearly love me some Kelley Jones Batman, when the word “Batman” pops up, I immediately think of Aparo or Breyfogle’s art. Aparo was a great, surely, but his art definitely encompasses what I think of as “old school”, while Breyfogle has a distinct and memorable voice. It’s odd to me that he’s not a bigger name in comics since his work is so unique. Perhaps that’s why? There’s a tendency among comic fans to like bland and homogenous art, and Breyfogle is defiantly not that. He’s an artist – while I never particularly “picked up” any of his stylings in my own art – that I have greatly enjoyed for decades now, always getting excited to see him working on something. It’s always even better when he’s working on a thing I have an interest in reading (Sorry Prime, hello Spectre!)

So last month, when Norm Breyfogle suffered a stroke that crippled his drawing hand and drained his life savings, I was all set up to donate money to his recovery fund. Unfortunately, as often happens with me, I had a couple financial setbacks that are keeping me pretty poor at the moment. However, being an artist, being a Batman fan and being a Norm Breyfogle fan, I decided to do the one thing I can to contribute: a drawing.

So, in black and white ink on 9 x 12 bristol board, I drew Batman.

This piece is available for sale. More of an auction, really. I’m a total unknown with no fans, and the only people who come here are friends of mine who either a) have no money either or b) have too much of my artwork cluttering their houses as is. So, if you can help spread the word, or, hey, you want to buy this drawing, 100% of anything I raise will be donated to Breyfogle’s recovery fund that I linked above. Since it is for charity (and, y’know, I kinda worked hard on this), I’m not letting this go for less than 50 dollars. I will be taking bids, privately. Email me (eric at shonborn dot net) if you would like this art. 50 dollars minimum and if you can bid more, by all means. If I do not get a buyer here, then I will try ebay in one week from today. Serious inquiries only, please.

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