Rainbow Batman

Happy Pride! I realize that me saying this is not as good as someone whose life is directly affected by the LGBTQ experience. I am a cishet dude (well, like 85% het) who literally only knows 2 lesbians and to call them friends is to stretch the definition of “friend” beyond snapping. To be fair, I am an incredibly introverted, insular person. I only have like 4 friends, and I’ve known them all for a very long time and quite frankly, I’m not in the market to know any more people than I already do. All people are a fucking chore. That said, better me wishing everyone in the LGBTQ community a good Pride month over, say, fucking Burger King or Walmart, right?

Anyhoozlebee, one of my four friends posted this tweet, which inspired me to draw Rainbow Batman. It’s a fun costume that I really wanted to draw, and yes, I totally stole the legendary Frank Miller splash page from Dark Knight Returns.

I am not sorry.

I am sorry about everything else about this post.

I’m still here.
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