292 – Fisto

Over at Ok, PANIC!, our topic this week was Masters of the Universe. I had an incredibly tough time coming up with something to draw, because I wanted to draw ALL of it. I still do.

The Fisto drawing that is up at PANIC! is like my 5th attempt at drawing something for the topic. The drawing above here is my 1st.

MOTU is probably the #1 toy/cartoon line for me from my childhood. I was obsessed with them and will always have a special nostalgia place in my heart for it. A couple years back, my ex and I watched some of the original cartoons, and I truly wish I hadn’t.

I thought the 2002 reboot cartoon was pretty great, though. Shame it got cancelled.

I had some old MOTU sketches lying around that I never posted here, so here’s some BONUS sketches:

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    • Joe G. on November 19, 2011 at 6:13 pm

    That Beast Man is spectacular. I like the others, too, but that one stands out to me.

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