1. Wonder Woman

Oh. Hey. What happened? What’s goin’ on? How’re you?


I realized today that it was exactly two years ago that I had started my initial Sketch-A-Day project. I worked on it for 369 (my brotha!) days straight and never missed a day. It was an incredibly productive year, if otherwise meaningless. It was tiring and hard, but I dug it. Most of all, the process got me out of a deep depression I had been in (Adam Hughes ruined my life. Read through the archives to find out all about it). When I stopped actively doing a sketch-a-day, I had big plans and was looking forward to taking my time on some art and maybe working on a more long-term project.

This last year has been the least productive of my life, and I am the laziest person I know.


I’m in that same funky depression I was in two years ago, but this time I don’t have Adam Hughes to blame. It’s all me, buddy.

So, I have a tumblr page where I re-post all my old art in chronological order. By absolute fucking coincidence, today’s post was my very first sketch-a-day drawing from two years ago. Exactly. Weird, right? But I had been thinking about that year. I kind of missed it. I was trying things and mostly failing, but I was trying. Drawing anything has been an absolute struggle in the past year, and it was because I was aimless.

Even though I would love to try making a comic or something, it’s an amorphous blob of an idea with a really loose goal, and that’s not a thing I’m good with. I am good with small goals. A drawing a day.

So I’m starting the sketch-a-day again. I need to up my output. The thing is, I know in my heart I need to think and work bigger, but I need to get off my ass first. So, this can’t just be random sketches. It will be, though, for a while. I’m still figuring it out right now.

But I know this: this isn’t only a year-long thing. I’m gonna try to keep going for as long as I can until I can figure out what I’m doing here.

Until that point, here are my rules (similar to the first go-round):

1) I will spend a minimum of 10 minutes on any sketch or drawing posted.

2) There will at least one color piece a week

3) Draw. Post it. Every day.

As with the last time, I will take requests. Also I will be working on getting my current list of commissions done, and still accepting new commissions.

Insanity begins anew!


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    • Jim Purcell on February 2, 2013 at 3:53 am

    Good luck buddy, you’re already a better man then I from the last time you did this.

    Might I suggest that instead of focusing completely on pin-up drawings in the sketch-a-day, perhaps try a few short 2/3 panel comic strips to try jump start sequential practice? Not sure if that might help, but it can’t hurt!

    • Eric on February 2, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    That’s definitely a thing I was thinking about, but differently. Although your idea might work out better.

    Unfortunately, for reasons I can’t get into right now, it might be a while before I have the time to do that kind of thing, But it’s definitely an eventuality.

    I can’t believe that James Kochalka did a free multi-panel web strip for 14 years.

    • Bruce on February 3, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    I love the texture of the hair.

  1. Awesome!!! She’s lookin’ boss.

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