3. Superman

Confession, I really don’t care for grown-up/college-age Jon Kent. He should have remained a kid. He’s a good foil for Damien Wayne. I’ve read a handful of issues of Superman: Son of Kal-El, and I just don’t enjoy it. I loved the Nightwing cross-over, but Jesus, Tom Taylor is SLAYING on that book. I think I’m just more disappointed that his Superman isn’t on the level of his Nightwing work. Don’t get me wrong, there are hints to the potential of it, but Nightwing has been such an emotional rollercoaster, and Superman is just so… mediocre. But, the moment when Jon comes out as bi to Lois… that got me. And Lois’ reaction. Christ. (Also the recent issue when Batman has a heart-to-heart with Jonathan Kent [Clark’s dad]… for fucksake. THAT is what I want from the rest of Son of Kal-El!)

Also, Jon’s Superman costume kinda sucks.

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