Oh, little Damian Al Ghul-Wayne, you murdery imp. I remember when Grant Morrison introduced him during their run on Batman and hating this little shit. This could almost have been a Jason Todd sitch. I think I was just more upset that Tim had been brought back into the fold pretty hardcore just before Morrison began their run and felt like they ushered Tim out the door pretty quickly. And it didn’t help that Damian was such a goddamn brat, and a murderous assassin to boot.

But, somewhere along the way… he really grew on me. Definitely by the time Dick was taking on the Batman role and Damian was his Robin, I was fully on-board. Probably why I drew the Frank Quitely version here. Third best Robin! (Tim, Dick, Damiam, Everyone Else, Huge Canyon-Sized Gap, Pre-Crisis Bruce Wayne as Robin, Jason).

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