34. Luke Cage

Wanted to do a redesign of Luke Cage that paid homage to his original costume and made him look more like a superhero.

Movie for 3/5: Star Crystal. I sorta tweeted about it as I watched it. It was terrible. A mid-80s rip-off of Alien, but with none of the resources. It ended with the alien reading from the Bible and a happy ending complete with theme song. I shit you not. Don’t watch it unless it’s in a group and there is booze involved.

Todays movies (so far):

Deadgirl. A unique take on the zombie genre – two guys find an undead woman chained in a basement and proceed to spend the entire movie fucking it. Absolutely full of itself and filled with so many abhorrent characters and so much rape, there’s almost nothing about it that is worth watching. Even the “hero” of the movie is an absolute shitbag.

To Be or Not To Be. Mel Brooks film about an acting troupe pulling one over on the Nazis. Funny, enjoyable. It’s kind of like a PG version of Inglorious Basterds.

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