Patreon Reward: Valeria, the She-Bat

I don’t know a thing about Valeria the She-Bat. She had a short-lived comic from hollow-Earth conspiracy theorist Neal Adams’ Continuity Comics, and eventually an even shorter-lived Valiant/Acclaim book? I guess they bought the Continuity characters? I hope Neal spent the money on a boring device to drill into the Earth’s populated core.

Yes, I should respect the dead, especially those who revolutionized comic book illustration in the late 60s and 70s, and helped reinvigorate and re-invent The X-Men, Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, as well as worked on every major character for both Marvel and DC. The man also spearheaded attempts to unionize comic book creators and championed creator rights and creator ownership long before it was “fashionable”. He was a legend and a genius for a reason.

But he also firmly believed in a Hollow Earth, and quite frankly… just… yeah. That’s all he’ll ever be to me. The instant I heard him interviewed on Coast to Coast AM it was over for me.

I’m still here.
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