53. Baron Von Porkchop

Something felt off. Then today I realized that I had forgotten to upload this sketch I did at HorrorHound. I don’t know how or if he knew that I have a tenuous connection to Baron Von Porkchop, but Baron super-fan Stephen Alexander commissioned this sketch from me at the show. Luckily, the Baron was also at the show and I was able to get a photo to use as reference. I still can’t believe I forgot this, but hey, it all worked out. The Baron deserves better than being lumped in with a bunch of other shitty sketches.

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    • jason on March 28, 2013 at 11:41 am

    Nice likeness! Stephen is a friend of mine and indeed quite the Baron super-fan. I’ll bet he’s pretty stoked about this portrait. Hmmm… have you ever seen the Baron when he wasn’t wearing glasses? You don’t suppose… nah, can’t be.

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