A thing happened today.

I won’t talk about it, I can’t talk about it. I am not good at this kind of thing and it is not my place nor should it be. I am an idiot and I deal in idiocy. As far as I am concerened, my place in this world – my job – is to distract from reality by producing a bunch of idiotic stuff for public consumption/entertainment. I am unimportant, ridiculous bullshit for the world.

So, if you click on the above drawing, you’ll see of my ridiculous bullshit in absolute full force. Not Safe for Work. Or children. Or the elderly. Or anyone or anything, really.

Like I said, I am an idiot.

That said, I watched Storage 24 last night. It features Mickey from Doctor Who fighting a bad break-up and an alien in a storage locker. It’s not good, but it does work slightly better if you think of him as Mickey from Doctor Who. Not much, but some. Or just avoid this movie because it’s kinda crap. Cheap special effects and every horror/sci-fi cliche that has ever been writ. It tries, it really does, but it’s ambition isn’t very ambitious.


Carry on, world. Take care of each other.

I’m still here.
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