Madman Monday

My pal Jason and I were drawing on Saturday, and he mentioned that he was going to draw a Madman picture for his blog. At the time, we were watching the show Mad Men, and that’s what I thought he said. It’s not too odd, he’s drawn characters from other TV shows before. But when I saw him pull out some Mike Allred’s Madman reference, I got a little disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing his renditions of Don Draper and Co. Then he gave me the brilliant idea that’s too stupid, I can’t believe someone hasn’t done it yet.

So anyway, for uninitiated to either Mad Men or Madman, here’s a key:

Bold = Mad Men character; Italics = Madman character
(left to right)
Joan Holloway, Bonnie
Roger Sterling, Dr. Gillespie Flem
Don Draper, Frank Einstein (Madman)
Betty Draper, Joe Lombard
Bert Cooper, Dr. Egon Boiffard
Peggy Olson, Gale
Pete Campbell, Astroman

I thought about other match-ups too. The only definite one was Paul Kinsey as Mott, and then various Atomics characters as Sal, Ken, Harry, and some of the secretaries.

Anyway, go check out Jason’s Blog to see the Madman drawing he completed.

UPDATE: Jason couldn’t scan his drawing in. Go to his blog and berate him.

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    • Jason Young on September 3, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    I can see ’em! And I love it! I either just had an orgasm looking at it or its my Pavlovian reaction to watching the show but I feel as if I need a cigarette.

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